Price List

Every surgery and patient is different but we often get asked what our estimated prices are. These are the current prices that the majority of patients fall into. If a patient is a secondary case, revision case, or needs a higher level of procedure (for example, extended tummy tuck, or full anchor incision breast reduction), it MAY increase the price due to increased time in the operating room in order to deliver a great result. We do not try to nitpick on prices and give the best prices we can for the level of surgery, care, and hands on treatment of every patient. However, we hope that the following list will aid patients in planning for surgery:


Each procedure includes OR fee, anesthesia fee, surgeon fee, your first compression garment, implants (if applicable), and all follow up appointments with Dr. Azizi. These prices are based off of Dr. Azizi’s expertise as a double board certified plastic surgeon specializing in BBL, Liposuction, and breast procedures.

Brazilian Buttlift Procedure (S.A.F.E. lipo of the abdomen/flanks/back with fat transfer to the buttock/hips)

– $15,750

Lipo 360 (S.A.F.E. lipo of the abdomen/flanks/back, which includes upper back and mons area as needed)

– $12,750 

Lipo 2 areas (For example, S.A.F.E. lipo of abdomen/flanks. or arms/thighs)

– $8,000

Tummy Tuck (includes lipo of the abdomen and flanks)

– $12,750 

Breast Augmentation (includes implants)

– $8,000

Breast lift

Starts at  $9,000 

Breast Lift with Augmentation (includes implants)

– $11,500


(we try to give multi surgery discounts, and patients are able to save some time/money for OR/Anesthesia. Combo cases are not always possible for every patient dependent on their goals and body type, but these apply to MOST patients)

BBL + Tummy Tuck

– $24k range

BBL + Breast Aug

– $22k range

Lipo360 + Breast Aug

– $19.5k range

BBL + Breast Lift

– $24-25k range

Lipo360 + Breast Lift

– $20.5-22.5k range

Breast Aug + Tummy Tuck

– $19-20k range