Our Surgery Center

As a patient, you can feel confident that this facility has demonstrated that safety is the top priority. Facility staff at all levels are appropriately trained, certified, and practice within the confines of their specialty. The facility equipment and supplies are well maintained, up to date, and properly stored to ensure safe use. Staff also participate in regular training and drills to prepare for natural disasters and human-impacted emergencies and ensure readiness to act to keep you safe in the unlikely event of such emergencies. If you are being referred to this facility by another practitioner, take heart in knowing that your care provider is looking out for your safety, even when they are not providing your care.
Since its founding in 1980, QUAD A has pursued its mission by setting the highest standards for patient safety and standardization of care in outpatient centers worldwide. QUAD A requires 100% compliance with all accreditation standards and does not offer partial accreditation. If a facility fails to meet any standard, it must correct the deficiency or risk denial or loss of accreditation. QUAD A facilitates patient safety by regularly updating its standards based on patient data and the latest medical literature and requiring facilities to continually self-assess and evolve.