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Fill in the BMI calculator below. Our upper limit for BMI is 30.

BMI Calculator

Dr. Ramsen Azizi specializes in defining and shaping feminine physiques and normally does not operate on male patients.

*This does not include individuals who are in the process of transitioning, as Dr. Azizi specializes in contouring patients who desire to appear more feminine*

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You are required to provide three photos of the area of your body you wish to treat (front, side, and back profiles) in order to have your submission reviewed by Dr. Azizi and given a complimentary preliminary surgery plan by him. Please have photos ready before filling out this form. Once you have received your preliminary plan, you may have the option to schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizi which is a $200 nonrefundable fee that will be applied towards your booked surgery total.

We will be able to provide you with a quote and plan and the ability to book a surgery date if possible. In cases that are more complex, need combo surgeries, need multiple stages, we still prefer to have a virtual or in person consultation for your plan. This is because there are multiple variables that cannot be accounted prior to a discussion

Please Read the Following Guidelines To Help Explain Our Process:

This consult method has been created to improve efficiency and allow less waiting times overall. These guidelines refer to body contouring procedures like Lipo 360, BBL, Tummy Tuck, etc… Surgeries like breast augmentation, breast lift/reduction are typically more straightforward and more patients are better candidates. Just as a reminder, our upper limit BMI for surgery is 30 and patients need to be 31 or less to book a consultation. We will be reviewing all the consult requests and everyone will receive a tentative surgical plan and be notified which of the following categories they fall into:

Very Good Candidates (can book a consult and a tentative surgery date)
Possible Good Candidates (case by case basis, can book a consult)
Not Candidates (do not have to wait for a consult in person to be notified that they are not a candidate for surgery)

The following is a set of loose guidelines for each of the categories to serve as a helpful guide. These are not set in stone as every patient is different and treated on a case by case basis.

Very Good Candidates (can book a consult and surgery date):

– Very good quality skin
– No history of children
– BMI 25 or less
– No medical issues or history
– Reasonable Expectations
– No history of liposuction or body contouring

Possible Good Candidates (Case by case basis, can book a consult):

– Reasonable Expectations
– Mild Asymmetry
– BMI 25 – 30
– Fair Quality Skin
– Controlled or mild medical concerns

Not Candidates:

– BMI > 30
– Significant medical issues (controlled or uncontrolled diabetes, Sickle cell disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid disease on Immunosuppressant medications, heart issues, uncontrolled or multiple medication hypertension, etc….)
– Not enough fat for transfer, or multiple Liposuction procedures, scar tissue etc…
– Large amount of visceral (intra-abdominal) fat, which limits contouring
– Poor Quality skin
– Moderate to Severe Cellulite, Asymmetry, very tight buttocks or hip tissues
– Expectations difficult to meet
– Disrespectful to Staff
– Cases where Dr. Azizi does not think he can give you a very good result