Want Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back? Get a Mommy Makeover!

Many women struggle to reclaim their pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. Most women can feel the impact pregnancy and childbirth leaves on their body for a long time after the children have been born.

Mommy Makeover procedures include –

  • Tummy tucks
  • Breast augmentation
  • Liposuction (legs, arms, stomach)

Women often have a poor self-image when their body acquires stretch marks and saggy skin after giving birth to a child. If your body has not gone back into shape after pregnancy or you are not able to wear what you want or if you think a better physique would help you feel more confident, you can have it fixed with a mommy makeover. This is especially beneficial if you have been unable to reclaim your pre-pregnancy body even after diets and exercise.

When women gain weight and inches during pregnancy, they often have to give up on their favorite dresses. A Mommy makeover by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help you get back into shape and back into the wardrobe you’re used to. The procedures involved only take 2-4 weeks to heal before you can resume strenuous activities or exercise.

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