Want to go for Breast Augmentation? Now what?

A breast augmentation surgery can significantly change a woman’s appearance and self-confidence. It’s undoubtedly a big decision. Once you have decided to go for the procedure, there are a host of other decisions to make. This can seem challenging, but your surgeon would walk you through your options so that you can make the best choices for you.

Decision #1 – Implant type

You need to choose the type of breast implant you want for your breast augmentation surgery. Both have their own benefits.

  • Saline implants provide a rounder shape and require a smaller incision. They are placed into the breast pocket first and then filled with saline. In the rare case they rupture, the body simply absorbs the saline water. However, saline implants have shown a higher incidence of wrinkling.
  • Silicone implants provide a more teardrop shape and are said to give a more natural feel as the natural breast tissue. But if they rupture, the silicone has to be removed though the material would stay in or near the implant shell.

Decision #2 – Implant size and shape

Apart from the type of implant, you need to decide on the –

  • size
  • shape, and
  • projection of your implants.

Decision #3 – Incision Location

Another decision is about the location of the incision. Implants can be placed through –

  • an armpit incision
  • at the base of the areola
  • on the decrease of the breast

Each choice has its own pros and cons and it would be best to discuss it with your doctor, who can help you make the best choice, considering your needs and preferences.

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