Understanding Breast Implant Terminology

Breast augmentation procedures are popular and most people are aware of common breast implant terms like “silicone” and “saline.” However, there are some lesser-known breast implant terms you should know to get the best possible results from your breast augmentation.


So far you may have thought of size, now think of ‘volume’. Breast implant volume is measured in cubic centimeters, not in cup sizes like your lingerie. Volume refers to the area occupied by the breast implant and plays a significant role in the appearance of your breasts after augmentation.


‘Proportion’ is a key factor in getting great results. Proportion is the difference that makes the same implants look different on each person’s body. The width of the chest and shoulders, amount of existing breast tissue and many other factors can help to determine which breast implant will look best for you.


‘Profile’ refers to the projection you get from a breast implant. You can discuss with your plastic surgeon and select the breast implant profile that fits you best. Higher profile implants offer more projection while moderate profile implants provide subtler projection.

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