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Male Contouring

Male Contouring in Chicago Il


In recent years, many men have visited a plastic surgeon for body contouring and facial procedures. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top five surgical procedures for men in 2014 were liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and nose surgery.



As men age, the brows and forehead drop, causing the skin and tissue around the eyes to sag and bag. A blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery, and this involves the removal of excess tissue and fat around the eyelids. Men are choosing this procedure because it leaves them looking younger, more alert, and refreshed.



A wide variety of men are choosing to have facelifts around middle age. This procedure involves removal of excess skin and tissue and suturing techniques to lift connective tissue and muscle upward. A facelift can take 5-10 years of your appearance. Men choose to have a facelift to boost self-confidence and improve overall image.


Brow Lift

When the brow skin and tissue begins to sag from aging and loss of elasticity, a brow lift can be done. Many men choose to have this procedure because it lifts the brows up from the eyes, making the face appear much like it did in the younger years. Small incisions are made at or behind the hairline, excess skin is removed, and tissues are moved up using sutures.



For bumps on the nose, large noses, and septal deformities, rhinoplasty is an option for many men. This surgery can improve facial appearance by making the nose fit more proportionately with the other facial structures.



With liposuction, men can get rid of love handles, turkey neck, back fat, and a bulging abdomen. Several techniques are used to remove fat cells. Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty involves use of sonic energy to make fat tissue more loose and easily removed. Some surgeons inject a solution containing an anesthetic (lidocaine) and a constricting agent (epinephrine) into the fat tissue so there is less bleeding and pain. Through small incisions, a hollow cannula is used to gently displace and remove the fat tissue from the problematic areas.


In a recent study involving over 600 patients who had liposuction surgery, 80% reported that they were very satisfied with their results. Of those who had the procedure, almost 90% said they would recommend liposuction to their family and friends. The report found a low rate of complications with improved technology.


Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is enlargement of the male breasts, and this condition can cause embarrassment, low self-esteem, and distorted body image. Many men are having breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia. The procedure involves small incisions and liposuction to remove glandular tissue and fat cells. In a recent study of male breast reduction procedures, patient satisfaction scores were high, with most men reporting being pleased with the surgery.


Tummy Tuck

After bariatric surgery, weight loss from dieting, or decreased body fat due to exercise, many men are left with excess hanging skin around the abdomen region. In addition, the muscles lose their ability to hold the underlying tissues in place. A tummy tuck is used to tighten body muscles and tissues and removes extra fat and skin from the abdominal region. In a recent outcome analysis and satisfaction study, 95% of patients had noticeable improvement in size and appearance of the abdominal region, and the majority of subjects said they would have the procedure again.See comment in PubMed Commons below



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