Round or Teardrop – Which Breast Implants are Best for you?

If you are wondering whether round or teardrop breast implants will give you more natural looking results, you are not alone!

Many women, who are about to undergo breast enlargement, ask which implants will have the right feel or which implant will provide a more desirable, feminine contour?

Choosing the right breast implant is an important decision and the answer depends on your preferences and the breasts you have right now. You can discuss your expectations and options with your plastic surgeon. But here is a quick look at the factors that can help you make an informed decision.

The Look

Are you looking for –

  • natural-looking breasts?
  • a fuller shape?
  • an ultra-enhanced look?

While most women want natural-looking results, the ultimate decision is yours. Your surgeon will take into consideration both what you want, as well as the shape, size, and the current consistency of your breasts, to help you understand which implants are most suited in your case.

The Implants

The two primary silicone implants are round shaped and teardrop shaped.

The round-shaped breast implants provide more fullness towards the upper region of your breasts. Their soft silicone consistency makes them capable of yielding a more tender touch.

Teardrop breast implants offer a more natural contour and shapely breasts. These implants have a firmer gel consistency.

The Feel

Both physical and emotional feel are important while making the choice. The more natural the feel, the more natural looking the results will be. Again, discussing your options with your plastic surgeon will help you choose what is best for you.

Additional Procedures


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