Rhinoplasty Overview from a Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Rhinoplasty info from a Chicago Plastic Surgeon



A Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that treats the functional and cosmetic issues associated with an individual’s nose. Many men and women undergo this surgical procedure in an effort to canstockphoto16252412-1address their cosmetic appearance. Another group of men and women undergo this surgical procedure in order to correct anatomic abnormalities such as a deviated septum. Surgical intervention helps to provide a way to address these concerns.




There are many benefits to undergoing a rhinoplasty. If the patient is undergoing surgical intervention because of cosmetic reasons, then it can definitely improve an individual’s self-esteem. An individual who is uncomfortable in their own skin, will not exude confidence. After surgical intervention, the patient will feel more comfortable with their appearance. If the patient is undergoing a rhinoplasty because of an anatomic deformity, such as a deviated septum then the results will alleviate breathing issues. A patient who has a deviated septum can have difficulty breathing, and when a rhinoplasty is performed the septum is shaped or reconstructed. Upon reconstruction of the septum, the patient will have much improved breathing.


Patient Evaluation


The first step in the process is patient evaluation. The physician will conduct a physical exam to determine the expectations of the patient. There are a very wide variety of noses and faces and it is important to achieve balance between these…..not just “shave a little off the bump”! Small changes in the nose can affect other parts and therefore it helps to have a custom tailored plan and discussion with each patient. The evaluation will help the physician understand which rhinoplasty procedure will offer the most benefits. It is imperative that the physician also evaluate any other medical issues in the patient before surgery.


Open Rhinoplasty


There are two major procedures used by physicians. Those procedures include: Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty. An Open Rhinoplasty begins by putting the patient to sleep. After this, the physician will then make a small incision at the columella. The columella is the area of tissue between the nostrils.. The skin is then reflected, and the underlying tissues and cartilage are manipulated. A large percentage of patients’ concerns when they come in for rhinoplasty involve the size of their nasal tip. Open Rhinoplasty is truly one of the best ways to address these issues.


Closed Rhinoplasty


A Closed Rhinoplasty begins with incisions made inside the nostrils. The incisions are considered to be endonasal. The underlying structures are then manipulated into a more functional and cosmetically pleasing way. The nose is reshaped and cartilage grafting may also be used. The major benefit of the closed rhinoplasty is that the incisions are located inside the nasal cavity; therefore, there is not any scarring visible. In patients that have less concerns with their nasal tip, this may be a better approach.


Discuss Patient Expectations and Associated Risks


It is important to remember to inform the patient of realistic expectations. Sometimes patients can have unrealistic expectations, and those can really hinder their ability to see the surgery as a success. Rhinoplasty can make dramatic and pleasing cosmetic changes. However, swelling is a natural part of healing and a small amount can last up to a year in some repairs. It is also imperative to inform the patient of the risks and the benefits associated with the surgery which are best discussed in the consultation. All surgeries carry the risk of infection and bleeding but it is relatively low with Rhinoplasty. However, due to the custom tailored nature of cosmetic nasal surgery, different patients are going to have different recovery periods.

Next Steps


Whether your physician performs an open rhinoplasty or a closed rhinoplasty is based on several factors. It is important to speak with your Plastic Surgeon to determine an appropriate treatment plan for your individual case. It is imperative to remember that results do vary. Individuals who have a rhinoplasty will notice the difference either cosmetically or functionally. The results can literally be life-changing.

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