Popularity of ‘Chinplant’s on the Rise

In the United Kingdom, chin implants (chinplants) have surpassed breast augmentation as the fastest growing cosmetic procedure amongst image-conscious individuals. According to plastic surgeons in the country, chin augmentation procedures have seen a 60 percent rise over the last few years. The statistics show that these procedures are favored amongst both genders with 60 percent of inquiries coming from women and 40 percent from men.

Even though the surge in chin augmentation procedures is not new in the United States, with this country has experienced a surge in these surgeries around 2012, they are still just as popular now as a few years ago due to the so-called selfie celebrity culture.

The most requested by women is Scarlet Johansson’s heart-shaped chin and Ryan Gosling’s one by men.

Why Chin Implants are so Popular

Chin implants are nearly equally popular amongst both men and women for the following reasons:

  • The procedure is a great way to give more balance to an individual’s face.
  • Chin implants restore natural beauty and harmony in women.
  • A man’s chin makes the person’s face seem more masculine and attractive and these features are accentuated further with the appropriate procedures.
  • Chin implants are a very low-risk surgery with minimal adverse events and complications associated with them and which can greatly improve the aesthetic features of an individual’s face.
  • The costs related to such a procedure is not as high as say a facelift and is therefore quite an affordable one.

Cosmetic reasons aside, there are congenital and inherited issues that could affect the appearance of one’s chin. Microgenia, the medical term for a weak and receding chin, is a condition that may warrant a chin augmentation. The procedure helps to balance the appearance of the face by making the chin look longer and bigger to match up with the length of the nose.

Products Used

The chin implantation procedure may be performed in one of two ways depending on the individual patient’s needs and circumstances.

  • Silicone implants can be sculpted and inserted to fit the patient’s individual jawline. The area is anesthetized appropriately and an incision is made in a naturally hidden crease under the chin where the implant is then inserted.
  • Adipose (fat) tissue can be grafted via liposuction and, after being purified, is injected in and around the individual’s chin and then molded to the appropriate measurements.

RAM Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ramsen Azizi is a double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has performed thousands of cosmetic procedures and who has trained under experienced and seasoned specialist surgeons.

Facial rejuvenation is one of the handfuls of cosmetic disciplines that Dr. Azizi has chosen to perfect his art in and chin augmentation surgery is one of the procedures he takes pride in performing and perfecting to attain as perfect results he can for his patients.

Dr. Azizi has helped many individuals achieve the results they have dreamed of and has received raving reviews for his cosmetic work in the Chicagoland area.

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