How to Pick the Right Size for My Breast Implants

When anyone mentions plastic surgery, most people think of breast enhancements. That makes sense, as it is the most popular surgery in this field. There is one aspect of the procedure that patients have a degree of control over which has great bearing on the result…..the size of the implant. How are patients supposed to pick the correct size for augmentation?Silicone breast implant Chicago

The answer is fairly interesting. In the older days there were 4 types of implants – small, medium, large and extremely large. In today’s market, there are hundreds of models for the breast. Most surgeons will tell you there is no easy, sure fire recipe for picking implant type and size.

Now with the hundreds of types on the market, it brings up an important question. Is there really only one “perfect” fit for each patient amongst the sea of options or is it really a whole “family” of implants with very similar characteristics? Will any random implant give the proper results?

Due to the exchange of ideas and experiences of plastic surgeons from all around the world, the answer has evolved over the years. Everyone has their own method of determining the ideal size. Some just gave anything and whatever the patients asked for, some made their decisions based on measurements, while some used implants with which they were more comfortable. The common thread was that they all adhered to the standard of ethics in plastic surgery combined with the “aesthetic ideal” that was the standard in their region.

That is why in, for example, European implant sizes will often be smaller and more natural appearing, whereas the United States, larger implants tend to be seen. Interestingly enough, even though there has been an overall trend towards smaller implants in recent years in the United States, one will still find regional differences from New York to the Midwest to Florida and the West Coast.

Size – the final bra size

Some studies say the most commonly used sizes are those with volumes of 325 to 450 cc, which does not mean that other sizes are not appropriate for some people. Asking for a size to look like a famous model is a recipe for disaster. Bra size is not useful during the choosing period because they differ from cup sizes in many ways. There is no standardization in cup sizes from the different bra companies….so it is best not to think about implants in cup sizes but rather volume.

There are 4 things that should be considered: body shape, current breast size, patient’s ideal breast size, and if the patient wants more natural vs. an augmented look. If the patient is smaller build, maybe a larger size is not the way to go. Women of large builds can look very natural with larger implants. A 400cc implant may look “small” on a 5’11” frame or “way too big” on a 5’2” woman.

During a consultation, the plastic surgeon in Chicago examines the breasts and takes measurements for the future implants. Based on the patient’s desired look, the surgeon then recommends a size to “try on”.

The patient then stands in front of the mirror and tries sizes in a range until she is happy with the fullness. You should make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon and they answer all your questions. There is a lot of information on the internet and it is best to have a consultation in order to custom tailor that info for you! Any concerns you have, you should discuss them with the plastic surgeon Dr. Ramsen Azizi.

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