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Facelift Overview


We live in a society in which everyone wants to remain young and vibrant. There are many different creams and serums that claim to provide that youthful rejuvenation. However, the claims are in many cases exaggerated. One of the best ways to truly provide a long-lasting youthful look is through a facelift. A facelift is a surgical procedure that creates tighter skin, removes wrinkles, and improves facial dimension. Undergoing a facelift can help turn back the clock and provide that youthful skin that is so desired.canstockphoto25784516




Both men and women seek to undergo facelifts because of the results that can be received. Undergoing a facelift, can help both men and women to have a look that matches how they feel on the inside. It is important to remember that age is just a number. Sometimes the signs that go hand in hand with the aging process are greater in some individuals. It is imperative to remember that you should be able to look as good as you feel, and this can be achieved through a facelift.


Ideal Candidates


The ideal candidate for a facelift would be a patient who does not have any major medical conditions and has noticed increased sagging of the skin around the cheeks and neck. It is imperative that a patient is a non-smoker, so that wound healing will not be prolonged. There are other negative outcomes that can associated with smoking, so make sure that the patient understands the risks associated with smoking before completing the surgery. A proper medical evaluation should be conducted before a patient ever undergoes surgery.


Desired Results


Desired results include: getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, providing tighter and youthful skin, and improving facial dimension by re-distributing a patients natural fat. One of the major reasons canstockphoto1481507patients request a facelift is because they are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing so many wrinkles. Everyone has smile lines and crows feet, but you don’t have to suffer with those anymore! During the facelift, the facial skin and tissues will be positioned in such a way that provides a youthful and fresh appearance. Excess skin will also be removed to provide a more smooth surface. The facelift will also tighten the skin of the chin and neck.


By smoothing out these tissue surfaces, the wrinkles will disappear. The excess skin from the neck is also removed creating a tighter and younger look. Redistributing the fat is key in achieving that young, vibrant look. In a young individual, the fat is distributed in certain areas that create a smooth and wrinkle free surface. The goal of fat redistribution in the facelift is to re-create that young and wrinkle free self. The muscles are also tightened during the facelift. These results are desired by many. A facelift can be the perfect procedure to provide youthful skin that will increase your self-esteem and make you feel better overall.


To Wrap It Up


If you are considering a facelift, please speak with your Plastic Surgeon regarding appropriate next steps. Each patient is unique and must be evaluated individually. Results will vary depending on a variety of factors. A facelift can remove fine lines and wrinkles; while providing a youthful glow.

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