chin augmentation

Popularity of ‘Chinplant’s on the Rise

In the United Kingdom, chin implants (chinplants) have surpassed breast augmentation as the fastest growing cosmetic procedure amongst image-conscious individuals. According to plastic surgeons in the country, chin augmentation procedures have seen a 60 percent rise...

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Understanding Breast Implant Terminology

Breast augmentation procedures are popular and most people are aware of common breast implant terms like “silicone” and “saline.” However, there are some lesser-known breast implant terms you should know to get the best possible results from your breast augmentation....

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3 Sure Ways To Get A Toned Tummy

Whether you want to enjoy the summer on a beach and wear a bikini with confidence or try the skinny jeans you bought, a toned tummy can make your clothes fit better and boost your self-confidence. Read on for 3 sure ways to get a toned tummy. Strengthen the Core To...

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