Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revisions are required for a multitude of reasons.  Women who seek plastic surgery have a variety of reasons that drive them to make those decisions.  Sometimes those decisions are spur of the moment and they may not perform the appropriate amount of research regarding the specific Plastic Surgeon. Sometimes, some women even desire to leave the United States to receive plastic surgery for a discounted rate.  Whichever the reason, sometimes these decisions can lead to negative outcomes.  In these instances a breast revision may be clinically indicated.

Is Your Physician Highly Trained In Plastic Surgery Procedures?

The most important requirement to remember when you are searching for a physician to perform a breast revision surgery is are they highly trained and experienced? There are some physicians that are not Plastic Surgeons that are performing these elective procedures.  These physicians performing surgeries outside of their area of specialty and have not had the necessary residency training in the field of Plastic Surgery.  Therefore, complication rates tend to be higher and revision surgery is needed more commonly.  Breast revisions are required because prior surgeries have not been successful.

Whether the negative outcome is a result of an unqualified physician performing the surgery; or it is a result of the natural aging of the human body, the key determination is a surgical revision must be completed to achieve desired results.  Breast revisions are clinically indicated for the following malformations:  capsular contracture, poor shape, rippling or wrinkling, rupture or leakage of implant, shifting of the implant, and asymmetry of the breasts.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is a relatively common negative outcome that occurs post-surgical intervention.  The  implant is inserted, and over time the human body begins to form fibrous material because the implant is considered a foreign body. Although this fibrous tissue is a normal reaction to implants, in some women it can actually compress the area.  The result is a distorted and hard breast.  It is an unwanted outcome that can be surgically addressed with a breast revision surgery.

Poor Shape

Poor shape is another unwanted outcome.  Poor shape can result from an improper technique performed by the physician; or as a result of unforeseen complications during the surgical procedure.  Poor shape in many cases can be prevented or repaired.

Rippling or Wrinkling of Breast Implants

Rippling or wrinkling are negative outcomes that can occur for a few reasons.  The most common reason is patients do not have enough natural breast tissue present.  When women have very little natural breast tissue, the actual implants can be seen through the skin.  Also, if patients request larger implants that what their breast tissue can handle, these negative outcomes can also be observed over time.  The result is wrinkling or rippling of the breast.

Rupture or Leakage of Breast Implants

There are many instances in which breast implants must be replaced.  Impact sports can rupture implants.  Leaving implants in too long can result in rupture or leakage.  When the actual implant ruptures or tears, although it is not a surgical emergency, it should be evaluated relatively quickly. Appropriate imaging will be requested to determine the location of the implant material.  Sometimes it will be physically noticeable because the breast will seem smaller or be completely deflated.  Breast revision surgery is a necessary requirement to address this negative outcome.

Shifting of the Implants

The implant can actually shift over time due to natural aging and stretch of the breast tissues. Very large implants tend to see this more often simply due to their weight. The breast implants can be repositioned and secured through breast revision surgery.

Asymmetry of Breasts

Many women wish to have perfectly contoured and symmetrical breasts.  Therefore, if there is a noticeable asymmetry in the breasts, this can be addressed through surgical revision.

Wrapping It Up

There are a variety of negative outcomes that can result from many different reasons.  The key is to perform the appropriate research so that the negative outcomes that can be avoided, are in fact, avoided. Due to the variety of types of assymetries, it is best to be evaluated in person. If you feel breast revision is necessary, please consult a highly trained Plastic Surgeon to address your individual medical needs.

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