Breast Implants and Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries. The surgery is performed to insert breast implants in the breast tissue.

The incision, to create a ‘breast pocket’ for placing the breast implant, is made in either the breast crease (infra-mammary fold) or in the armpit area (trans-axillary approach).

Incisions in the breast crease are the most common while armpit incisions are done for patients prone to more visible scarring.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The benefits of breast enlargement surgery include –

  • feeling better about the body and breast size or shape
  • feeling of having more balanced proportions
  • feeling more comfortable in swimsuits or other clothes
  • feeling less self-conscious and more confident about breast proportions and overall body

Breast Implants

The purpose of breast implants is to increase the size of the breast volume, which impacts the cup size, breast shape, cleavage, posture and overall body proportions. Implants can also enhance your natural curves and balance out your overall physique.

The most commonly used breast implants are silicone implants. The other type of implants are saline implants. Silicone implants feel more natural.

Since every person has a unique body and unique goals for breast augmentation surgery, leading plastic surgery clinics, such as R.A.M. Plastic Surgery in Chicago, make sure that each surgery is fully customized. While many patients ask for round implants, anatomical shaped breast implants may be more suitable for some patients.

Sometimes breast augmentation results are further enhanced with fat grafting. Fat grafting can help to cover the edges or add extra shaping for patients with very little natural breast tissues. However, most augmentations can be done without additional fat grafting.

Whatever breast implants you choose, discuss your options in advance, with the plastic surgeon along with your goals and preferences. Choose the right size to avoid size-related problems, like premature sagging or bottoming and discuss, with your doctor, the impact your skin will have on your breast augmentation longevity. Follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-surgery instructions.

Remember that implants that suit your friend might not suit you. What might look large on you, might actually look small on another woman. This is because of differences in body proportions, height, weight, body fat index (BMI), torso length, rib cage structure and skin health. In addition to these, your existing breast tissue and how resilient your skin is, all matter while making a choice for the best type, size and shape of breast implants to use for your breast augmentation surgery.


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