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Brachioplasty Overview


Women are consistently undergoing plastic surgery for a variety of reasons. One elective procedure that is prevalent among women includes Brachioplasty. A brachioplasty is a medical term that means arm lift. Arm lifts are desired for many reasons. The most common, unwanted symptom that women exhibit is known as the “chicken wings.” The extra skin that jiggles when an individual waves or moves their arms can really take a toll on one’s self-confidence. You don’t have to worry any longer, the arm lift elective procedure can alleviate this excess skin and tissue so that you have tighter arms.


Clinical Indications and Ideal Candidates


There are many clinical indications as to why an individual should have this procedure. Women or men who have lost weight rather quickly, or have lost an excessive amount of weight often have excess arm skin. In this particular case, the patient has worked so hard to lose the weight, but is still dealing with the consequences of that weight. The consequence is the excess skin that just hangs there. It is unwanted and unsightly. It is easily addressed through brachioplasty. This procedure can help you get your life back, and create beautiful sculpted arms in the process. Women over the age of 50 tend to have extra skin that dangles on the inside of the arms.


With the aging process comes the loss of skin elasticity. An arm lift can get rid of this droopy, sagging skin. Other important requirements for this surgical procedure is to have a clear bill of health. It is important before undergoing any elective procedure, that the patient be evaluated by a physician that will check for any major medical illnesses. The patient must also quit smoking at least a month before an elective procedure. Smoking can create severe negative outcomes. The body can not heal properly if a patient is smoking and will lead to increased scarring and unwanted results. Please speak with your Plastic Surgeon to determine their specific recommendations.




The procedure is quite straight forward. In patients that have tremendous amounts of excess skin and tissue, an incision will be created at the armpit and will continue to just before the elbow. The incision will be located on the inner portion of the arm, allowing for the incision to be discrete. The excess skin and tissue is then removed. Once the skin and tissue have been removed, the incision is then closed via sutures. If the procedure is less invasive, then the skin and tissue removal can be accomplished through smaller, less noticeable incisions. Those incisions would be located in the armpit and upper arm. Each case is unique, and must be evaluated by the Plastic Surgeon in order to determine which procedure would be the most beneficial.


To Wrap It Up


A brachioplasty is an elective procedure that can really help boost the self-esteem and comfort of many. Each Plastic Surgeon will have their own set of requirements and guidelines concerning the actual procedure. It is imperative to speak with your healthcare provider so that the appropriate information is received prior to elective surgery. Don’t hesitate to take your life back. Speak with a surgeon today.

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